U-TRAK offers Low Cost Healthcare Delivery Services to all NHS & Medical companies as we like to give something back for all the critical and life saving care they provide to all patients.

We recognise that all NHS Trusts face financial pressures year on year, so we would like to think we can help in reducing your current expenditure to either spend the savings on more critical items for patients.

With our Cheap Healthcare Delivery Services, we aim to be cost efficient, reliable and most critically on-time for all types of Delivery Services required.

If you suddenly find your next day delivery now needs to be here sooner, with U-TRAK you can let us do the work of securing a supply route and then leave it to us to make it happen.

In particular, we can help with the transportation and delivery of medical technology, be it complete machines or spare parts or even new medical drugs.

If you are in the situation where a spare part is required for a piece of vital medical equipment, time becomes very critical.

The item may be stocked in another part of the country, or possibly overseas. Whatever the situation, at U-TRAK we will work with our international partners and draw upon their experience and up to date knowledge.

Everything we do is tracked in real time and fully documented, so you can comply with the requirements of your procedures.

With the U-TRAK 15 minute promise, you only need to do one thing when an urgent requirement presents itself: make the call to us.

As soon as we’ve got the details we need, we will contact you back within 15 minutes to advise on the best way to get your consignment where it needs to be, on time and in one piece.

Talk to us too about how we can help streamline your logistics operation, avoid delays and save on storage and transportation costs.

Please call us on 024 7705 1109 or Contact Us Here