Supplying a large percentage of the country’s Couriers, Haulage & Transport companies with our large network of Driver Sub Contractors.

Supplying a large percentage of the country’s Courier, Haulage & Transport companies with experienced multidrop drivers.

We have established excellent trading relationships with our clients through careful dialogue and close attention to their requirements. U-TRAK does not recruit drivers for itself, but for its clients. Our multidrop drivers must be customer orientated. One of the major failings of some of our competitors is to send drivers on assignment with no knowledge of the duties they are to perform, and little or no awareness of the individual procedures for that particular client.

U-TRAK takes pride in our working knowledge and understanding of customer’s requirements. It is normal for at least one of our office staff to have visited each of our clients in order to gain first hand experience of what is required. In turn, we are able to brief our multidrop drivers on what is required and give them as much information as possible before they arrive on site.

Our operating staff are selected for their commitment to understanding your service requirements. At U-TRAK we insist that the consultant who answers the telephone, understands your requirements and the workings of your business. Our people appreciate the pressures of a busy transport office and know from first hand experience the particulars of different vehicles, equipment and deliveries. We are dedicated to improving standards in the supply of temporary multidrivers to the courier and haulage industry.

Many local and national organisations throughout the UK rely on U-TRAK to supply smart, tidy multidrop drivers who are motivated, fully aware of legal requirements, specially selected for their skills and who carry the professionalism and goodwill of our clients on to their customers.

U-TRAK can provide all types of drivers on a long or short term assignment, for your regular and emergency requirements to cover:

  • Sickness
  • Holidays
  • Surprise, urgent or late booked jobs
  • Normal fleet demands – Hiring temporary drivers, you will avoid the full time employment costs of : –
    • PAYE administration
    • Employers NI Contributions
    • Holiday and sickness pay
    • Redundancy costs and insurances


  • We retain full records, references, and history, including a photograph and copy license for each of the drivers. Our team of drivers are closely vetted and screened to ensure accurate matching to your requirements and to ensure that you can concentrate on getting the job in hand completed without having to worry about the suitability or otherwise. Once you have made a booking with us, we will confirm it by email and ensure that the right person will turn up at the correct place at the required time.

U-Trak enjoy the flexibility of dealing with a large number of distribution operations, each one with unique requirements. Our client’s standards vary greatly, each one balancing the opposing pressures of cost and quality in their own way. Whatever the specific requirements of a job, the first priority for us is that our drivers are capable and qualified for the particular vehicle and the job concerned.

The economics of the transport industry present particular and critical problems. There is a shortage of drivers and it is becoming progressively more difficult to recruit good drivers on a continuous basis. At the same time we at U-TRAK are working to raise the standards. We will not allow standards to drop in the face of the increasing demand.

U-TRAK have found that a new driver benefits enormously from spending a day with a driver experienced in the client’s methods and routes. In order to maximize on the benefits of employing a temp driver, we recommend that the driver be given as much information as possible including a list of instructions, telephone numbers and contacts when they start a job for the first time.

Our drivers, are our reputation and so they are very important to us and we look after them. There are agencies that treat their temps with less than full regard, with the result that the staffs commitment to agency work is poor. This attitude creates a bad impression of all temporary workers and it is this that we at U-TRAK are determined to change.

Our policy is clear, we know that our drivers are good and we treat them accordingly with the respect that professionals deserve.